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Enhance Your Business Reputation With Positive Reviews

Over the past few years, many successful businesses believed in online reviews and reached the heights they wished for. In Fact, many small businesses like Tree Lopping Pimpama realized getting positive reviews from happy customers has many benefits and it keeps growing their business. Ever since search engine optimization occupied a major role in increasing revenue, business people knew the value of clicks consumers and their feedback about their product in online. All these reasons made businesses owners to question themselves: Do really customers satisfied with the product? If yes, Does the business consists positive online reviews? How many reviews are there in online for my product or company? What are my product rating on Google and other search engines? Without these questions, you can never give tough competition to your competitors. And mainly positive reviews can place you in a top position in Google and can make your business to be in first in the list of Google when the customer does a search by a keyword for a service or product related to your business. 

Why You Need Star Rating And Reviews For Your Business?

By comparing star rating and positive online reviews of the competitors, consumers take quick decisions about your products and they decide that whether your business can be trusted or not. If your product or service or business reviews are awe or great, then obviously, it can make your business a better and even the best one. On the other hand, if your business has bad reviews and low star rating, then it can cause a very bad reputation on your product or service and can make your future customers lose faith on you.

Impact Of Positive Online Reviews

Positive online reviews can make a lot of difference on your business as many surveys done on consumers stated the importance. Here are view surveys points you should keep in your mind always:

– 88% of consumers believe in online reviews
– 80% of consumers take this online reviews as same as personal recommendations
– 70% of customers say that they trust local businesses by the positive reviews they get in online
– 90% of customers prefer the services or products, only if they have at least 4-star rating  

How To Make People Write About Your Product?

People could have very less time to review your product in their busy schedule. However surely, they will spend a time and will voice their opinions if your product serves or satisfy them to the core. Even if you provide them with offers, they would give reviews by spending the time as mobile phones made using the internet very easy to review.  

Although you can not satisfy all the customers, there is nothing wrong in trying to please the customers as many as u can and as much as you can. And even you satisfy your customers, they don’t usually take time to write a review. So you should ask them and should please them to get reviews. Even response of you on both positive and negative reviews plays a major role in developing your business. So always respond in a polite way and as quick as you can.

How To Avoid Negative Reviews On Your Business?

Online reviews play crucial role in developing your business as they don’t just get you the leads but also let that leads to convert into customers for your product or service. On the flip side, few of the customers can even make negative reviews on your products that cause huge damage to your business. Though you can’t stop them, the way you respond to the negative reviews makes the big difference in how those negative reviews affect your company.

Benefits Of Positive Reviews Include:

1. Customers believe what past or present customers say about businesses 2. It makes you get serious leads and will avoid unnecessary or time pass audience

3. They increase the number of leads converting into customers 4. They provide cost-free advertisement for your product 5. They increase reputation of your business
6. They enhance customer engagement and loyalty
7. They increase trust on your product and
8. They build brand awareness

Overall, online positive reviews work as a very important thing needed for your local businesses to attract the targeted customers. They influence the consumers a lot and helps you to enhance your revenue.

Are Positive Reviews Important For Your Business?

Every day thousands of people use Google and forums to leave their reviews on products and this influence your product purchase more than you expect. Nearly 70% of consumers stated that they take their purchasing decisions depending on the reviews. Neglecting reviews can drastically reduce your business image.

Influence Of Negative Reviews On Customers

Positive reviews can make you get a number of customers, while negative reviews can make many people drop from the idea of becoming your customer. Even a survey stated that a business can lose 25% of its consumers because of the negative reviews. And as a surprise, this 25% is because of just one negative review. If there are more two or three bad reviews on the product, then there is a risk of losing 60% of consumers which is a dramatic fall for any business. And in the worst case, if there are more than four negative reviews, it can wash away 70% of your customers. By this statistics, you can clearly understand how a single negative review can cause a huge destruction of your successful business. This is why it is very important to take care of your customers and to pamper them with what they require. One irritated customer can open a gate for many negative reviews as he can suggest few more members to leave a bad review.  

Provide Best Customer Service

If you could make your consumer feel as a respected individual for you and that he is not just a source for your revenue, then surely he can be more satisfied and can give you positive reviews. To ensure this, you should answer their questions promptly and should provide world class customer service for them. Whenever they have any problem related to your product or service, fix it as soon as possible. Be sure that the products or services you provide to them are of high quality and are in good condition. Though this may add an extra burden on you, it will help you to get more positive reviews from your satisfied customers.

The Do’s And Don’t Knowledge About Review Sites

We are living in an era where review sites can either make or break your business. Therefore, it is vital that you treat reviews with the utmost attention it deserves. Therefore, while dealing with review sites, you should always have these pointers at the back of your mind.

What You Should Do When It Comes To Online Review Sites

Have Many Business Profiles In Numerous Online Directories:

What this will do for you is that it will open you up to a platform where there are a lot of opportunities for customers to review your business. The more platforms you are associated with, the more reviews you will have online.

Ask Customers To Review Your Business:

You should not shy from asking satisfied clients to review your business. You need a lot of positive reviews to make your business expand and grow even more. Therefore, always ensure that you solicit reviews from the happy clients. Also, be wise on how to go about this.

Keep Track Of Review Sites:

It is very vital that you are always aware of what is written about your business. As said earlier, reviews can make or break a business; therefore, it is very wise that you know what your reviewers are doing to your business. This way, you can mend anything that is broken if you can. It will also give you a picture of what people think of your business.

Be Active:

Every time you see a review whether good or bad, you can always reach out to the reviewer. Do this via a private message or by phone. Thank them if it was good; inquire about the problem if it was bad.

What You Should Never Do

Fireback At People That Leave A Negative Review:

Getting a negative review can be very frustrating, and it may make you feel like firing back. Even so, bridle yourself. You will only make things worse than they are already.

Do Not Post Your Reviews:

As tempting as it may be, fight the temptation. You want to carry out a genuine business, and you want to know what people think about your business not what you think about it. Even so, when discovered, the reviews will be pulled down.

Do Not Pay For Good Reviews:

Many businesses may think they can survive on this but they cannot. It may get you a lot of first-time client’s, but you risk getting them disappointed with over the top praises that fake reviews will get you. Always go for genuine positive great.

Do Not Be Discouraged:

Not everyone is going to be impressed with your business. Regardless of the excellence, you strive to show, the perfection you put in, and the effort, some people will still not be pleased. Therefore, take a breath and move forward. In a much as review sites are excellent for businesses, do not solely depend on them to determine whether your business is excellent or it is not. That does not mean you should not pay attention. Tree Lopping Brisbane South is one of those businesses which do not depend solely on review sites as they always moving forward to provide excellent service to their customer.  You can learn a lot from them.

How To Ensure That You Get Customer Reviews For Your Business

There are so many things that can make a business. One of these things is online reviews. Reviews have the power to set a business apart from the rest, and it is like a fragrance that attracts and gets people hooked. So, how do you go about attracting reviews to your business?

Have Multiple Profiles In Review Sites

This is a very smart way to ensure that you get customer reviews. When you have a lot of profiles, there has to be someone who will review your business in any of them. Being available in all these sites will increase the chances for people to come across your business. When they see your business in every other review site, they may not be able to hold off that review anymore.

Use Your Youtube Channel

If you have an active YouTube channel that features your business and everything about your business, then a YouTube review will do wonderfully well. Never underestimate the power of love that people have when it comes to cameras. This love is even more when they get to be on a famous YouTube channel. This is a sure attraction for those reviews that you want.

How About Offering Rewards?

I am not talking about bribes for customers to review your sites. I am talking about a token of appreciation for them that leave behind a review of your business and the encounter they had. This reward will be for all kinds of reviews. Also, be sure that the reward is sensible enough and worth the while.

Simplicity Is Efficient

When you are after customer’s reviews, it is important that you make the process extremely easy for them. You can bet your life that no one wants a complicated process just to leave a review. If the process is complicated, they will quit halfway there. Therefore, make it straightforward, and you will get your review.

Invite Them To Review Your Business

Do not be too shy to invite your customers to review your business. You can always send them invitations via a phone call, an email, or a message. Express how why it is important to you and also your appreciation for the efforts they will put into it.

Do Not Play It Light On Thanking Your Reviews

You know how relevant these reviews are for your business. Always make sure that your customers know how grateful you are for their reviews. This way, they will be happy that you recognized their efforts and they will be more motivated to leave reviews in the review sites that you are found. They will also encourage other people to leave reviews. These can be friends, family, and others. As you strategize on how to attract customer reviews for your clients, always ensure that you have these points as your references.  They work wonderfully well and can be a sure way to land you the reviews that you need for your business to grow even more.

Top 10 Review Sites That You Should Try Before The Year Ends

Reviews for a business are as crucial as customers are to the business. Having a site review your products and services will give you the most genius and honest mirror to look your business through. These sites will give you the most real reviews you will ever get.

Better Business Bureau

This is one of the most popular review sites we have. Being reviewed by this site will show you the real status of your business. BBB is an esteemed site that rates your business on a scale of A-F after factoring in a lot of things. You can trust it.

Angie’s List

This is a high-end review site. Therefore, you should be ready to part with some money for the membership fee. Even so, it will be worth the money. The reviews you will get are arrived at following an excellent thought process.

Google My Business

Yes, it has been around for a very long while, but it still proves to be very effective for the purpose it needs to serve. Even better, Google will pull up more information about your business like the map to your place.

Consumer Report

The name just makes you optimistic. This site specializes in product reviews. The best thing is that they test the products before recommended. Therefore, you can be sure that you will get the most honest reviews about your products.


The choice is yet another review site that will dedicate time, effort, and money on testing products and services by themselves before reviewing them. This means that they give an in-depth review that can highly educate as well as offer you genuine feedbacks. You need to be a member first though.


One thing that you stand to enjoy from this site is that they do not air your dirty laundry. This means they will give all the positive reviews but email you all the negative reviews so that you can work on them. Their discretion is awesome.


This is a great review site especially if you are targeting the United Kingdom audience. They will also offer a sincere review of your products. The membership fee for this site is around 10 Euros. Even so, there are contents that are free.


This is the prevalent site for many restaurants, hotels, travel companies, and the likes. When it comes to traveling, this is the biggest review site. Having your business listed here will catapult it to greater heights.

Amazon Customer Reviews

I highly doubt anyone does not know how big Amazon is and how relevant it is to your business. Here, products are rated based on stars with 5/5 being the highest. Amazon customer reviews will make your business attractive.


Yelp is a free site where your customers can get the opportunity to rate and review your business basing on a five-star scale. It has been there for many businesses over the years, and it will be great if you are also listed on Yelp. Many people will start their search here. These ten review sites will work wonders for your business. They have the potential to build your business brand and especially with the access you get to their massive users.

How to Make Attractive Business Review Presentation

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