Over the past few years, many successful businesses believed in online reviews and reached the heights they wished for. In Fact, many small businesses like Tree Lopping Pimpama realized getting positive reviews from happy customers has many benefits and it keeps growing their business. Ever since search engine optimization occupied a major role in increasing revenue, business people knew the value of clicks consumers and their feedback about their product in online. All these reasons made businesses owners to question themselves: Do really customers satisfied with the product? If yes, Does the business consists positive online reviews? How many reviews are there in online for my product or company? What are my product rating on Google and other search engines? Without these questions, you can never give tough competition to your competitors. And mainly positive reviews can place you in a top position in Google and can make your business to be in first in the list of Google when the customer does a search by a keyword for a service or product related to your business. 

Why You Need Star Rating And Reviews For Your Business?

By comparing star rating and positive online reviews of the competitors, consumers take quick decisions about your products and they decide that whether your business can be trusted or not. If your product or service or business reviews are awe or great, then obviously, it can make your business a better and even the best one. On the other hand, if your business has bad reviews and low star rating, then it can cause a very bad reputation on your product or service and can make your future customers lose faith on you.

Impact Of Positive Online Reviews

Positive online reviews can make a lot of difference on your business as many surveys done on consumers stated the importance. Here are view surveys points you should keep in your mind always:

– 88% of consumers believe in online reviews
– 80% of consumers take this online reviews as same as personal recommendations
– 70% of customers say that they trust local businesses by the positive reviews they get in online
– 90% of customers prefer the services or products, only if they have at least 4-star rating  

How To Make People Write About Your Product?

People could have very less time to review your product in their busy schedule. However surely, they will spend a time and will voice their opinions if your product serves or satisfy them to the core. Even if you provide them with offers, they would give reviews by spending the time as mobile phones made using the internet very easy to review.  

Although you can not satisfy all the customers, there is nothing wrong in trying to please the customers as many as u can and as much as you can. And even you satisfy your customers, they don’t usually take time to write a review. So you should ask them and should please them to get reviews. Even response of you on both positive and negative reviews plays a major role in developing your business. So always respond in a polite way and as quick as you can.