Online reviews play crucial role in developing your business as they don’t just get you the leads but also let that leads to convert into customers for your product or service. On the flip side, few of the customers can even make negative reviews on your products that cause huge damage to your business. Though you can’t stop them, the way you respond to the negative reviews makes the big difference in how those negative reviews affect your company.

Benefits Of Positive Reviews Include:

1. Customers believe what past or present customers say about businesses 2. It makes you get serious leads and will avoid unnecessary or time pass audience

3. They increase the number of leads converting into customers 4. They provide cost-free advertisement for your product 5. They increase reputation of your business
6. They enhance customer engagement and loyalty
7. They increase trust on your product and
8. They build brand awareness

Overall, online positive reviews work as a very important thing needed for your local businesses to attract the targeted customers. They influence the consumers a lot and helps you to enhance your revenue.

Are Positive Reviews Important For Your Business?

Every day thousands of people use Google and forums to leave their reviews on products and this influence your product purchase more than you expect. Nearly 70% of consumers stated that they take their purchasing decisions depending on the reviews. Neglecting reviews can drastically reduce your business image.

Influence Of Negative Reviews On Customers

Positive reviews can make you get a number of customers, while negative reviews can make many people drop from the idea of becoming your customer. Even a survey stated that a business can lose 25% of its consumers because of the negative reviews. And as a surprise, this 25% is because of just one negative review. If there are more two or three bad reviews on the product, then there is a risk of losing 60% of consumers which is a dramatic fall for any business. And in the worst case, if there are more than four negative reviews, it can wash away 70% of your customers. By this statistics, you can clearly understand how a single negative review can cause a huge destruction of your successful business. This is why it is very important to take care of your customers and to pamper them with what they require. One irritated customer can open a gate for many negative reviews as he can suggest few more members to leave a bad review.  

Provide Best Customer Service

If you could make your consumer feel as a respected individual for you and that he is not just a source for your revenue, then surely he can be more satisfied and can give you positive reviews. To ensure this, you should answer their questions promptly and should provide world class customer service for them. Whenever they have any problem related to your product or service, fix it as soon as possible. Be sure that the products or services you provide to them are of high quality and are in good condition. Though this may add an extra burden on you, it will help you to get more positive reviews from your satisfied customers.