Reviews for a business are as crucial as customers are to the business. Having a site review your products and services will give you the most genius and honest mirror to look your business through. These sites will give you the most real reviews you will ever get.

Better Business Bureau

This is one of the most popular review sites we have. Being reviewed by this site will show you the real status of your business. BBB is an esteemed site that rates your business on a scale of A-F after factoring in a lot of things. You can trust it.

Angie’s List

This is a high-end review site. Therefore, you should be ready to part with some money for the membership fee. Even so, it will be worth the money. The reviews you will get are arrived at following an excellent thought process.

Google My Business

Yes, it has been around for a very long while, but it still proves to be very effective for the purpose it needs to serve. Even better, Google will pull up more information about your business like the map to your place.

Consumer Report

The name just makes you optimistic. This site specializes in product reviews. The best thing is that they test the products before recommended. Therefore, you can be sure that you will get the most honest reviews about your products.


The choice is yet another review site that will dedicate time, effort, and money on testing products and services by themselves before reviewing them. This means that they give an in-depth review that can highly educate as well as offer you genuine feedbacks. You need to be a member first though.


One thing that you stand to enjoy from this site is that they do not air your dirty laundry. This means they will give all the positive reviews but email you all the negative reviews so that you can work on them. Their discretion is awesome.


This is a great review site especially if you are targeting the United Kingdom audience. They will also offer a sincere review of your products. The membership fee for this site is around 10 Euros. Even so, there are contents that are free.


This is the prevalent site for many restaurants, hotels, travel companies, and the likes. When it comes to traveling, this is the biggest review site. Having your business listed here will catapult it to greater heights.

Amazon Customer Reviews

I highly doubt anyone does not know how big Amazon is and how relevant it is to your business. Here, products are rated based on stars with 5/5 being the highest. Amazon customer reviews will make your business attractive.


Yelp is a free site where your customers can get the opportunity to rate and review your business basing on a five-star scale. It has been there for many businesses over the years, and it will be great if you are also listed on Yelp. Many people will start their search here. These ten review sites will work wonders for your business. They have the potential to build your business brand and especially with the access you get to their massive users.